Personal loans


Unlock the value from your personal assets today!

You can borro against luxury watches, jewellery, antiques, luxury cars and other valuables.


About Borro Personal Asset Loans

Use your personal assets to secure a loan and get…………..

  • Quick Estimates: Our in-house valuers provide you with quick and accurate estimates on your assets value so we can make you a loan offer
  •  Fast Funding: Loan proceeds can be deposited to your account within minutes after you accept your loan offer
  •  No Credit Checks: We do not perform credit checks and we do not report anything to credit agencies since the loan is secured by your asset
  •  Safe & Secure: Your assets are always secure and protected with borro. We insure all shipments and we store your assets in our highly secure vault
  • Private: It’s just between us – no information goes to any credit bureau or agency

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